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Klein Tools - For Professionals Since 1857

  • 可充电自动调平绿色平面激光水平仪
    Green Planar
    Laser Level三个正交的平面激光器投射出360°的直线
  • Cable and Wire \r\nManagement Sleeves
    Cable and Wire
    Management Sleeves* For home, office or job site
    * Durable and reusable
    * Cut to any length
  • Rechargeable 2-Color \r\nLED Headlamp
    Rechargeable 2-Color
    LED Headlamp三种灯光合二为一:白色聚光灯,泛光灯和红色夜视灯
  • Limited Edition \r\nCollector Series
    Limited Edition
    Collector SeriesThe third of 4 monthly releases
  • Rechargeable \r\n2-Color \r\nFlashlight
    Flashlight3 lights in 1: White Spotlight,
    Floodlight and Red Night-Vision Light

New Products

American Manufacturing

Since 1857, cq9电子游戏网站一直在美国制造工具, 对克莱因家族来说,保持这一传统同样重要, as it was more than 150 years ago. You see, Klein isn’t just the name of our company; it’s also our family name, 所以我们必须为我们所做的一切感到骄傲.

Klein Tools continues to invest in U.S. 并致力于保持其在电工中最受欢迎的地位. 克莱因是全球唯一专注于电气和公用事业应用的主要工具制造商. 在美国,没有任何一家手工工具和电器相关产品的制造商能生产出比cq9电子游戏更多的产品.

Forged Together -- Meet Juana Bracamontes

The Klein Story

Since 1857, 该公司由马赛厄斯·克莱因及其第五代子孙经营, 随着电信和电气工业的发展,克莱因钳子的主要用途首次被发现.

Today, Klein Tools, Inc. represents much more than Klein pliers. 该公司的产品线已经扩大到几乎包括所有主要类型的手工工具在建筑中使用, electronics, mining, 和一般工业,以及电子和电信领域.

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For Professionals... Since 1857